The business impact of artificial intelligence and robotics

CFO and CEO Executive Edge Session - May 13 and 14, Rotterdam

"If you worry that the robots are coming, don't. Because they are already here"
- Neil Jacobstein, Singularity University

Artificial intelligence and robotics: it may sound futuristic. But it's very real and very much now. Media are already reporting that robots will replace jobs: work is definitely going to change. The future of artificial intelligence is in our hands and more real than ever. Therefore it is important to understand what artificial intelligence is all about and how to gear your business to benefit in the near term. Our goal is to inspire CEOs to be one of the first to change not only their business, but also the innovation potential of our region.  

Chinese company Hon Hai intends to replace 500,000 employees with robots over the next three years. Google bought eight robotic firms and Facebook has its own 'Artificial Intelligence Lab'. It's not the question whether your company will be facing these kinds of developments. The question is: how will you embrace them?

On May 14, we will welcome a select group of Dutch CEO's to our next Executive Edge session in Rotterdam, to discuss the business impact of artificial intelligence and robotics. Our partner Singularity University will co-organize the session. On May 13, the guests of our CFO Dinner will discuss the same topic.

For these exclusive sessions we will fly in two keynote speakers from the United States: Dan Barry, former NASA astronaut, famous veteran of three space flights and founder of robotics companies, and Neil Jacobstein, chairman of the Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Track at Singularity University.


Neil Jacobstein
Neil Jacobstein
predicts that artificial intelligence will overtake human intelligence in the mid-2020s. He has worked on many artificial intelligence projects for NASA, the U.S. army, GM, Ford, Boeing and others. He will share and discuss with you the exponential growth of developments in the areas of artificial intelligence and robotics.

Dan Berry 
Dan Barry is a former NASA astronaut and a veteran of three space flights, four spacewalks and two trips to the International Space Station. He started his own company, Denbar Robotics, that creates robotic assistants for home and commercial use. He also co-founded 9th Sense, a company that sells telepresence robots.

Experience the Executive Edge session

Watch an impression of the previous Executive Edge session, featuring keynote speakers Peter Diamandis and John Hagel:



For more information, please contact Wassili Bertoen, Director of the Center for the Edge Europe, at +31 (0)6 21 27 22 93.

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