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Since the first release of the Power of Pull in 2010, we have been humbled and inspired by the thought -provoking discussions and responses it has sparked. With our second printing, we wanted to focus attention on the subtitle of the book, "How small moves, smartly made can set big things in motion."

Our goal is to show how organizations can make large scale transformations in a series of smaller pragmatic steps. We call these approaches Pragmatic Pathways, and they are designed to help organizations accomplish more with less by circumventing their organization's political and financial obstacles, leveraging disruptive technologies and building strong relationships in their broader ecosystems to share information and risk.

John Hagel discusses the Power of Pull

By positioning themselves to take advantage of growing networks internally and externally, companies gain access to flows of knowledge and information that allow them to 'scale learning' in their organization and across their ecosystem. This fundamental change unlocks the potential of individuals and organizations that allow them to stay on the edge of their field - regardless of how quickly change happens - and thereby build and maintain a sustainable competitive edge.

While these approaches are designed to impact the bottom line in the short term, they also help create and motivate the collaborative behaviors and transparency that make change in the future happen more easily. As the pace of change and disruption continues to increase in what we call the Big Shift, the goal is not only to move your organization from one stable state to another, but transform them into more flexible and fluid organizations that are constantly learning and adapting.

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